Session Summary

Despite intergenerational differences, everyone has the same fundamental needs.

The requests from each generation are relatively consistent. The requests from current generation such as access to opportunities, trust from supervisors, as well as being heard and acknowledged, have always existed in past generations.

Jobs are no longer merely jobs. An engaging environment, purpose, and progression have becoming essential components to attract and retain talent, in addition to fair compensation.

Conscious efforts are needed to reverse the trail of suffering. Generational gaps and differences do exist, so the older generation needs to keep in mind that times have changed.


Leadership skills are highly personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all model.

Listen with intent and be self-aware. The ability to listen and understand is key to forming a comprehensive picture of the system.

Unite people around a common purpose and vision. Deliberately create opportunities for the team to connect with the larger mission and reinforce the collective narrative. Consider a servant-leadership style with the primary focus on serving the greater good and enabling the success of others.

Move beyond titles and reduce organisational power distance. The senior leadership plays a role in reducing power distance and driving changes within the organisations to create real impact.


Reframe ‘brain drain’ as talent flow.

Loyalty is overrated. Across APAC, the talent war is real. The competition for talent and challenges surrounding ‘brain drain’ is experienced worldwide as talents migrate for opportunities internally and abroad.

Remain open to the movement of talent.  People grow from experiences and those who have spent longer times abroad often develop diverse perspectives.

Be intentional in talent attraction, especially in the age of global talent competition. The movement of talent is not limited to job opportunities, but also the social environment that is conducive to their needs. Creating an environment that allows talents to thrive in Malaysia is crucial to attract talent back to the country.